Bidding a Roofing Project with Multiple Manufacturers Specified

Commercial real estate building owners usually find it advantageous to open up their roof bidding process to accept multiple roofing manufacturers. Not only does this allow them to possibly open themselves up to using more qualified and professional roofing contractors in a bidding process but it usually brings a few other things to consider to possibly help them in their commercial roofing needs.

Below are three reasons a building owner may want to consider opening up their bidding to multiple roofing manufacturers.


  1. More competitive pricing – Just as having 2 or 3 contractors bidding a roofing project brings more competitive pricing to keep contractors “honest” with their pricing, having multiple manufacturers specified for bidding does the same thing. Pricing for roofing contractors all starts with roofing manufacturer material pricing. Whether it is the cost for TPO, EPDM, polyiso, or roofing accessories, pricing is more competitive to the contractors when they know they are bidding against other roof manufacturers.
  2. Different warranties and coverages –  As previously mentioned – commercial roofing manufacturers are competitive and trying to win successful business just like any other industry. At times, different projects may require different approvals or needs from a warranty or project approval stand point. It can be common for roofing manufacturers to work with building owners and contractors to create more favorable warranty conditions or allow different details if that helps the project or owner and them to secure the project. Be careful though here as it is not recommended to sacrifice quality just to get a better price. Always understand fully what differences are present that manufacturers offer from their other roofing competitors.
  3. Customer service and local representatives – Every roofing manufacturer has different levels of customer service and local roofing manufacturer representatives. As with all companies, a real estate owner can experience different levels of service, expertise, and support from the roofing manufacturers. One area of the country might have strong representation with one roofing manufacturer but in other areas of the country, a different roofing manufacturer might be more strongly suited for the building owner. It is common for building owners to find preference for roofing manufacturers and contractors around the country depending on the area.

Overall, finding and allowing for good roofing manufacturers in a real estate building owners bidding process is good for them from many stand points. A key recommendation is to stay with using key/strong roofing manufacturers such as Johns Manville, Carlisle, Firestone, Fibertite, GAF, Versico, etc just to name a few.

For help with being put in touch and partnering with a good list of roofing manufacturers for a commercial roofing project, Peach State Roofing local offices are happy to be contacted to discuss strong recommendations for building owners. By partnering with a good roofing contractor such as Peach State Roofing to deliver a successful warranted roof system, building owners can rest assured that their buildings needs will be well tended to.


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