Fall Protection

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of construction accidents with over 500 fall related deaths occurring every year?

Identifying fall hazards and deciding how best to protect workers is the first step in reducing or eliminating fall hazards. Occupational fatalities caused by falls remain a serious public health problem.  Any time a worker is at a height of four feet or more, or is working over dangerous equipment or machinery, the worker is at risk and needs to be protected.

In 1 second your body will fall 16 feet.  By the time you react you’ll be 6 ½ feet below where you were standing.  Without a fall protection system you won’t have enough time to react.  A typical personal fall-arrest system will stop a person’s fall and limit the distance and some arrest systems will also reduce the amount of force associated with the fall.

Anchorage points are commonly seen on our roof tops.  This is a secure point of attachment for lifelines, lanyards and deceleration devices.  They must be independent from any anchorage being used for equipment and capable of supporting at least 5,000 pounds per worker.

Fall Protection Systems – personal fall-arrest systems and the anchorage points need to be maintained and in good working condition…a life may depend on this.  Please note: that ALL components of a Personal Fall Arrest System that are involved in a fall shall be immediately removed from service and disposed of or destroyed.


  • Always use approved anchor points.
  • Always make sure fall protection is sufficient for the job.
  • Always inspect your fall protection system prior to each use.
  • Do not use fall protection system to carry materials or tools.

Always tie off when coming within 6 feet of an unprotected edge.

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