Project Profile: CVS Pharmacy – Toccoa, GA

Early in 2018, Peach State Roofing was called on by a commercial building owner and developer to provide a bid for re-roofing services on a CVS Pharmacy building in Toccoa, Georgia. The building consisted of two levels of a flat low slope roof surface which were comprised of black EPDM membrane material. There was also, a high tower shingle roof along with shingle mansards as well. These areas also needed to be replaced due to wind and storm damage.

After careful site inspection, scope considerations, and making presentations to the commercial building owner – Peach State Roofing was selected as the commercial roofing contractor of choice to install a new roof system. After consideration and bidding out pricing from multiple manufacturer’s and consulting with the building owner, the owner selected to go with a Firestone 60 mil TPO roof system. The other manufacturer options in which PSR gave were for Carlisle and Johns Manville roof systems.

The new roofing installation process started with PSR “slicing” the existing EPDM roof in a grid pattern compliant with the roofing manufacturer’s specification. This process was done to allow the existing roof system to relax and breathe properly prior to recovering it. After the existing layer was prepared for recover, a 1/2″ layer of cover board was installed over the existing roof system. This new cover board was required to act as a separation layer of insulation between the new Firestone TPO membrane and the existing EPDM membrane. The cover board was mechanically fastened through the existing roof down through the metal decking at a rate to meet the manufacturer’s requirements for warranty as well as local wind up-lift requirements.

Once the new cover board was fastened down properly, PSR installed new 8’x100′ Firestone TPO membrane rolls. Perimeter half sheets where installed to meet warranty and wind up-lift requirements and the sheets of TPO were fastened at 12″ on center. New membrane was fully adhered and extended up and over all parapet walls to fully encapsulate the parapets to prevent future leaks. This proposed item was intended to deliver a better long term solution to wall areas that had been leak sources over the years. PSR also wrapped in TPO the entire wall step up area from the low roof section onto the higher up roof section.

Once the field of the roof and walls were completed each day, PSR proceeded along to detail out/flash all pitch pockets, HVAC curbs, pipe penetrations, scuppers and roof drains to meet Firestones requirements for the 20 year warranty. The flat roof sections took approximately one week to complete. Once all of the membrane roofing was done, inspected and punched out, PSR installed all new 24 gauge Kynar prefinished metal coping on all of the parapet walls to complete out the last phases of the project for the single-ply roof sections.

In addition to the newly installed Firestone 60 mil TPO roof system, PSR (during this same time) tore off the existing shingle roof sections on the tower and mansards and installed all new GAF Lifetime Architectural shingles to meet manufacturer’s requirements.

Upon completion of the phases for both the shingle and single-ply/flat roof sections, PSR was able to deliver a quality full circle roof application process which eliminated all of the roof leaks the building had been experiencing for years.

*This re-roofing project was completed by the Lawrenceville /Atlanta office of Peach State Roofing Inc.