Project Profile: Pep Boys Auto Parts – Georgia (Suburb of Atlanta)

Recently this past August, Peach State Roofing out of Lawrenceville, Georgia was hired to complete a re-roof of an existing Pep Boys Auto Parts store on the outskirts of Atlanta.

The existing building was a metal panel building and thus the roof was a structural metal panel assembly as well. This store location was having difficulties with on-going leaks all over the building structure. Many were found to be coming from perimeter areas and upon investigation, the roof parapets which were metal panels were appearing to be the culprit of the roof leaks. Another key area was an internal gutter system that would ‘back up’ with water during major rain fall and cause major water infiltration as well.

The system of choice that was selected for this new roof at the property was a Johns Manville 60 mil white ‘Energy Star’ rated TPO membrane roof system. It would be assembled to achieve a 20 year ‘No Dollar Limit’ labor and material warranty.

Once construction commenced with the commercial roofing materials being delivered to the job site, the first thing Peach State Roofing did was install all new plywood wall sheathing over all of the parapet walls on the roof side of the building. This would allow for the walls to later be fully wrapped in membrane and solve any leak issues from the walls themselves.

After the mounting of the new wall sheathing was complete, PSR installed the field roof system which included installing EPS flute fill insulation boards into all of the metal panel flutes. These pieces of flute fill insulation were made in a thickness that would match the height of the metal panel ribs. Once the EPS boards were in place, new 1” (R-5.6) polyiso roof insulation cover board was installed over the flute fill. This would create a perfect cover board surface making the entire roof surface to now be smooth over the entire area allowing for new TPO membrane to be installed next. The new polyiso board was mechanically attached to the deck/structure to achieve all local wind uplift and warranty requirements.

Once the polyiso board was fully fastened, the new Johns Manville 60 mil white TPO was rolled out and installed in place. The method of attachment chosen for the TPO was via the RhinoBond method (induction welding). The sheets went down smoothly and were all welded together properly. Fully adhered membrane was later installed up and over all parapet walls to fully encapsulate the walls and coping areas. The internal gutter which was a major issue was fully lined with new TPO to address any leak areas they were having.

Once the field and walls of the roof were fully installed and detailed out with membrane, PSR installed manufacturer’s walk pad on the service side of all the HVAC units and new 24 gauge Kynar prefinished metal coping was installed on all of the parapet walls.  At this point, the roofing project was complete and the Peach State Roofing project manager filed a notice of completion for the 20 year “No Dollar Limit” warranty.