Roof Coating Project Highlight : Crossroads Church

In 2016, Peach State Roofing was contracted to complete a commercial roof coating system over an existing structural metal panel roof system. When looking at the building for a commercial roof application that would solve this buildings leak issues, many different solutions were presented to the owner.

The project was for Crossroads Church in Newnan, GA and Peach State Roofing was brought in as a bidder for their roofing work. Over the course of the bid process, Peach State was selected as the contractor of choice for this select building which was just one of many on this campus for the church.

After narrowing down the two main roofing options between a “flute fill” metal retrofit system with TPO membrane and a commercial roof coating, the church selected the commercial roof coating as their application of choice. This coating was selected to fit into their budget and was an option due to their current roof system being in a proper state that a coating could still be recommended and successful with solving their roof issues.

The manufacturer/coating system used was ER Systems and their Acrylic 1000 Plus coating system.

In this application as well as any commercial roof coating application – the preparation and sealing components are perhaps the most important. On this existing metal building structure – it had been coated with a slight silver aluminum coating which had to be removed prior to applying the new coating system so that proper adhesion would take place. The existing aluminum coating was removed using a heavy commercial pressure washing system which took several days to complete exposing the original clean surface of the roof itself. Crews also brought in wire brushes and grinders to remove any excess/existing roof repairs and coated/caulked areas.

Once the existing surface was completely prepared and brought back to its original install state, free of any past repair areas, Peach State Roofing took a thorough step in sealing up all penetrations and leak source areas over the course of the roof. Every vertical, horizontal and penetration seam in the roof system was sealed over with the ER Systems H.E.R. flashing grade roof sealant. Also, any existing or loose screws were removed and replaced with over sized grommet screws. Once all the screws were re-installed, Peach State Roofing installed the ER Systems H.E.R. flashing grade sealant over all screw heads. Site superintendents did several walks over the treated areas to make sure no seams, screws, or penetrations were missed.

After a day of letting the flashing grade sealant cure, Peach State Roofing brought in a base coat layer of the ER Systems 1000 Plus in a gray color to fully coat the roof area. After that layer cured off, a top coat layer of the same ER Systems coating was used again but this time with a white roof coating color so that management could make sure full coverage had occurred over the entire roof surface.

Daily progress reports were done using the Peach State Roofing RoofCloud database system so the owner was kept in good communication daily about the project status.

The roof project turned out to be a great success in how it operated from start to finish and gave the church a great finished roofing project which kept their building water tight and will do so for years to come. Through thorough planning, preparation, and execution – Peach State Roofing installed a long term roof coating system to meet all industry standards and deliver a warranted commercial roof application.