Photo Voltaic

PV Roofing is a new concept in which solar panel systems are installed on top of a building. PV systems can either be installed as penetrating or non-penetrating systems and are divided into two main categories. Because the PV system is designed to last for at least twenty-five years, it is extremely important that the roofing installer and manufacturer be involved in the PV process to insure that the roof system will meet the criteria.

Solar Panels

  • Thin Film
    A relatively new type of solar panel that is flexible and relatively economical. It does not produce as much maximum energy, but it does produce energy over a longer period throughout the day. Thin film is installed on a sacrificial layer directly over the roof system.
  • Crystalline
    The traditional thought of glass solar panels. These panels come in typical sizes which must be installed on some type of racking system. Racking systems may either be penetrating and attached to the structure of the building, or non-penetrating such as a ballasted racking system. Crystalline panels produce more maximum power but only during a shorter period of the day. Crystalline panels are also more expensive and take longer to install than thin film systems.