New Year’s Roof Maintenance

New Year’s Roof Maintenance

It is now 2020. A new year in a lot of ways for business’s but still many buildings dealing with the same old roof leaks, stained ceiling tiles and wet spots on the floor. Some owners are jumping ready to go with spending money budgeted for upgraded facilities, including a new roof. Some owners prefer to wait a little into the new year to ease into spending finances allotted for things like this. No matter what direction building owners decide to go, it is always great to consider roof maintenance on any properties that are out there.

January seems to be a major time frame when owners hire out for preventative maintenance in taking care of their assets. It is having a professional put their eyes on the property and doing common work practice to take care of future roof problems. Most often when Peach State Roofing is contacted about doing a preventative roof maintenance service on a building – it involves a professional representative coming out on site and completing a photo report showing the condition of the roof for the owner, cleaning around roof drains, cleaning out gutters and cleaning off general debris build up on the roof as well. It usually also involves the contractor providing construction sealant on minor locations that may be in need of treatment during the time of roof service. Usually if anything major is found on the roof that requires more costly work, Peach State Roofing will provide a written quote for such work to deliver to the building owner for consideration.

The option of getting a preventative maintenance service call done for a building’s roof is nothing too complex but can save a building owner in the long run and pin point future issues that could turn into major items that are costly. Many times roofing contractor’s can tell immediately of roofs that have not been kept up well as they are in poor condition. By the time a reputable certified roofing contractor visits these poorly maintained roof systems, the only option most often that can be recommended is roof replacement.

A few other specific conditions for building owners to consider or look at with yearly roof maintenance are grease traps which should be cleaned and monitored, skylights inspected, HVAC units and surrounding areas monitored and maintained, and also wood blocking monitoring. Each building usually has some unique items on it which need a little more attention than usual and building owners should identify key situations like some of those previously listed.

So now is the time to consider calling a branch of Peach State Roofing in the year 2020 and ask about having a representative come visit a property of concern. Peach State Roofing has 17 offices nation wide covering coast to coast with full membrane, metal and repair crews ready to service with any commercial roofing needs! Let Peach State Roofing help with future budgeting on major roofing projects or even just provide basic leak service calls for the most minor roof leaks. This year is the perfect year to stay on top of your buildings roofing needs and hire a quality highly certified roofing contractor nationally like Peach State Roofing!