Project Profile – Marcus Jewish Community Center

Project Profile : Marcus Jewish Community Center

Recently Peach State Roofing was hired to complete a large section of roofing work at the Marcus Jewish Community Center in Dunwoody, Georgia. The MJCC is a beautiful facility with superior quality in its design and construction. For several years, Peach State Roofing has helped the MJCC with a yearly roof maintenance program as well as typical leak service calls. The project was a planned in advance project and when the time came for a new roof over the main section of the building, Peach State Roofing was the awarded contractor for the scope of work.

The existing roof assembly on the MJCC was a gravel surface built up roof (BUR) over perlite insulation over a fully tapered polyiso roof insulation assembly. The entire roof system was over a 22 gauge structural metal deck.

With there being only one roof system currently in place on the structure, a recover assembly was the selected scope of work. Peach State Roofing first started off by removing all of the loose gravel off of the BUR roof. This was done via the means of a vacuum rock removal truck and took approximately three days to complete. Once the rock was removed, PSR completed multiple cores through the entire roof surface to check for wet insulation that might need replacement. All roof cores came back as dry.

Once the roof was complete prepped for recovery, PSR installed a 1” polyiso roof insulation board as the cover board of choice. This was done to add R-value to the building itself which will help with the air-conditioned space in the hot summers of Georgia but also because the 1” polyiso will provide a great surface which will conform tightly over the rough gravel built up roof surface. The polyiso was mechanically attached to the metal decking to meet all wind uplift requirements and that of the roofing manufacturer.

Once the roof insulation was fastened in place each day, Johns Manville 60 mil TPO white Energy Star rated TPO was rolled out in place. The membrane too was mechanically attached to the metal decking to meet all wind uplift and manufacturers requirements. Once the membrane was fastened properly to the structural decking, Peach State Roofing crews heat welded all of the membrane seams to create a uniformly welded membrane roof system.

All of the walls were covered in TPO membrane and adhered using JM TPO bonding adhesive. All roof penetration details such as pipe boots, hand penetration wraps, pitch pockets and roof drains were completed to meet the manufacturer’s standards. Extra attention was provided around some key HVAC unit details that were of extreme importance to the MJCC daily operations.

Overall the roofing project took approximately three weeks to complete and at the end of all roof installation work, PSR crews cleaned the roof and downloaded all materials from the surface. The grounds were cleaned and PSR project management teams completed final inspections and reports for the building owner.

The MJCC re-roofing project will receive a Johns Manville 20 year No Dollar Limit Labor and Material warranty as well as a Peach State 2 year contractors warranty.