One Owner…Three Buildings

One Owner….Three Buildings

Project Profile: Towing and Truck Manufacturing – Tennessee

Content supplied by: Steve Brooks – Peach State Roofing National Accounts Representative based out of the Birmingham, Alabama office location.

Recently Peach State Roofing was hired by a towing and truck manufacturing company to investigate one of its existing metal buildings in Ooltewah, TN which was having many water leak issues on its roof. The building owner had stated for many years they had many other roofing contractors out to try and stop the roof leaks using coating products but there was never any success in stopping the leak.

After reviewing the site and all the past extensive coating repairs made – Peach State Roofing made the recommendation to install a new membrane roof system via a flute fill/metal retrofit roof system application. This would be done via the RhinoBond attachment method.

RhinoBond attachment is a process where basically the new roof membrane would be heat infused/bonded to specially coated plates which are fastened through an insulation board into the structure of the building.

After explaining the benefits of converting the metal panel roof to a membrane roof which would cover the entire roof structure and solve all their leaks, the owner agreed to move forward.

The Ooltewah, TN location was approximately 150,000 square feet of roof surface. EPS flute fill insulation boards were installed over the roof system followed by a layer of 1.5” polyiso roof insulation board. The insulation cover board was mechanically attached to the metal decking to meet the roofing manufacturer’s requirements. After that was complete, 60 mil white TPO membrane was installed over the cover board. This membrane was installed using the RhinoBond attachment method which utilizes the heat induced attachment of the membrane to the specially coated plates. (The plates were attached to red steel purlins which were structural supports to the roof.)

The entire roof structure was covered in the TPO membrane to meet manufacturer’s requirements and new edge metal fascia, gutters and downspouts were installed as well. A 20 year manufacturer’s warranty was granted with the new roof system.

With the installation going smoothly and delivering the waterproofing results desired by the building owner – Peach State Roofing was requested to perform the same exact scope and service of a metal retrofit roof system on their Chattanooga Tennessee location which was 45,000 square feet. The project was secured and started with good results for that building as well.

Finally after starting the Chattanooga, TN roof location, the owner agreed to a third building to get the metal retrofit TPO application at their plant in Greeneville, TN which was around 90,000 square feet.

All three buildings were very similar in construction and thus why a great long-term solution of converting the buildings roofs to a TPO membrane was a great long term success. The decision to award Peach State Roofing all three buildings was based on Peach State Roofing being a quality contractor, building trust between the contractor and owner, and finally good project management and reporting.

With multiple locations of Peach State Roofing available to service this owner’s multiple plant locations, the partnership between the building owner and contractor was a huge success.