Project Profile: 7 Technology Circle – Columbia SC

Project Profile: 7 Technology Circle, Columbia SC

Peach State Roofing Inc – Work Performed by the Rock Hill, South Carolina Office

Article Written by Paul Eagle – Strategic Accounts Representative

Recently, Peach State Roofing completed a roof recovery of the Ikon building located in Columbia, SC.

The existing roof system was composed of a .45-mil. EPDM membrane and 2″ Polyiso insulation. Both were mechanically attached to the structural metal deck.  With only one existing roof system, Peach State Roofing proposed a recovery assembly be installed.

Prior to commencement, Peach State Roofing met onsite with the owner’s representative to review the outlined scope of work, onsite safety requirements, and logistics. Before loading the roof, Peach State Roofing’s operations team set up all necessary safety equipment following Federal and State regulations.

In preparation for the new roof assembly installation, the existing EPDM membrane was cut at 10′ intervals allowing the membrane to relax per manufacturer’s requirements. New 1/2″ Carlisle R-Tech EPS fan fold recovery board was then mechanically attached to the structural metal deck.

Once the recovery board was fastened into place each day, the new Carlisle SureWeld .60-mil. TPO membrane was rolled out and positioned into place. The membrane was then mechanically attached using approved fasteners and plates to meet the manufacturer’s requirements. The membrane was then heat-welded at the seams to create a cohesive single-ply TPO roof system.

At the perimeter parapet walls, the existing metal coping was removed along with the EPDM wall flashing. Once the substrate was prepared, Carlisle CAVGripIII bonding adhesive was applied to the wall. Once the adhesive had cured, new TPO flashings were fully adhered extending up and over the walls. All roof penetration details such as pipe boots, hand penetration wraps, pitch pockets and roof drains were completed to meet the manufacturer’s standards.  Peach State Roofing then fabricated and installed new 24-gauge prefinished metal coping.

In total, the project took 2 weeks to complete. Once complete PSR crews downloaded all materials from the roof the crew then ensured the property grounds were cleaned and clear of debris. PSR project management teams completed their final inspections and reports and delivered them to the owner’s representative.

The Ikon Building re-roofing project will receive a Carlisle 20 year No Dollar Limit Labor and Material warranty as well as a Peach State 2-year contractors’ warranty.