Peach State Roofing attends Carlisle ESP Awards Trip

Recently Peach State Roofing, Inc. out of Atlanta, Georgia was honored and attended the Carlisle ESP Award Trip for 2018. Carlisle ESP which stands for “Excellence in Single Ply” was originally started in 1998 as a way of recognizing the most loyal and dedicated authorized Carlisle applicators in the United States. Not only was Peach State Roofing an awarded ESP contractor for 2018 but was recognized as achieving the ESP status every single year since its inception.

This was an amazing honor which Peach State Roofing highly values as being a long term partner with Carlisle and its team members around the country.

On the award trip, Peach State Roofing representatives were invited to network and attend business meetings with Carlisle representatives on many levels. Special product education was presented during the ESP trip which highlights some key new products which Peach State Roofing plans to implement in the coming year. A few of the key products highly noted by Peach State Roofing were the CAV Grip III, Rapid Lock membrane system, HydroBond adhesive, Liquiseal and Fleeceback FR TPO. Each highly rated product will provide key roofing solutions to building owners in a variety of circumstances.

With all of the new developments and product launches by Carlisle, Peach State Roofing had made plans to travel a team of representatives from many PSR’s 16 offices up to the Carlisle Construction Material campus where it has a new showcase training facility. PSR plans to have team members have first hand experience here installing many of these new products. Corporate management considers it vital for Peach State Roofing employees to be up to date with all the new roofing technologies which is instrumental in it’s long term training expectations of its employees.

While also on the ESP trip, Peach State Roofing and other roofing contractors had the privilege of listening to Reid Ribble whom is sitting as the president of the NRCA (National Roofing Contractor’s Association). Mr. Ribble presented on the roofing industry as a whole, challenges for contractors, the next generation of roofers and how contractor’s can better present themselves for future success.

All around, PSR representatives found the Carlisle ESP trip to be an amazing experience of commercial industry networking among other great contractors from around the country and also a first class educational experience during this time.  Peach State Roofing plans to continue a greatly valued relationship with Carlisle Construction Materials and all of its great team members long into the future. It is an exciting time to be a contractor with all of the new developments in the roofing industry and Peach State Roofing greatly values making investments in its employees with on-going training while partnering with a great brand such as Carlisle-Syntec.