Project Profile: North Point III – Orlando FL

In 2017, the Peach State Roofing office located in the Debary / Orlando FL area, completed a re-roofing project called North Point III. The property was an office building structure located in the Lake Mary, Florida area. PSR completed the project for multiple property management and building ownership groups during the process of the re-roof. CBRE, JLL and Duke Energy were all participants in the roofing project with Peach State Roofing.

The re-roof consisted of 28,000 square feet of roofing area. The existing roof assembly was and black EPDM roof membrane which was covered in ballast river rock. The river rock as most contractor’s know was the weight which help the existing EPDM membrane roof in place. For owners, ballast river rock can cause many issues for service and repairs that need to take place on the roof as well as wind hazards in an area like Florida which is subject to hurricanes. In the beginning of the design process, PSR representatives visited the site to get all necessary building measurements, roof cores and photos for providing a competitive bid to the owners. Once selected as the contractor of choice, a final scope of work was decided upon.

It was agreed upon that the scope of work for the North Point III property would be a roof recovery application. PSR first came in and removed all of the river rock off of the surface of the roof. It was disposed of properly off site and a on site manager provided services to patch any holes or tears found throughout the rock removal process. Once the rock was completely gone, PSR then removed the EPDM membrane to expose the polyiso roof insulation board for inspection. Any wet or damaged polysio was replaced on a unit cost basis with new matching height polyiso roof insulation board. Upon removal and all prepping of the insulation system, new Carlisle 60 mil white TPO Energy Star rated membrane was chosen as the roof system for installation. The new Carlisle TPO membrane was mechanically fastened to the structures decking to meet all local wind uplift requirements and Florida building codes. Walls and penetrations were flashed to meet the Carlisle manufacturer’s requirements for warranty and once the entire roof was laid, PSR installed all new metal flashings and termination details per requirements.

When the project was all complete, Carlisle and it’s inspectors completed a final on site roof inspection and granted Peach State Roofing a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty to supply to the building owner.

PSR project managers stated that some of the challenges of the project were that the office building was occupied during roof replacement and it had a glass facade which meant PSR had to handle all work with care so no damage or disruption to the property would occur. There was also a very congested mechanical room enclosed in the penthouse where PSR had to actually move some of the air handlers to the ground so that the roofs could be tended to properly. In all, PSR provided proper management, labor and support to deliver a successful re-roof project which is warranted by the manufacturer and will deliver results for the owner in years to come!


For more information or have questions for the Peach State Roofing – Debary/Orlando FL office, please contact them at (386) 753-1388.


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