Project Profile: Mazak – Suwanee, GA

Recently Peach State Roofing was hired as the contractor of choice to complete a new roof system over a Mazak property in Suwanee, Georgia. The property consisted of multiple sections of roof areas and on different elevation levels.

The existing roof assembly on the building was a Carlisle ballasted black EPDM roof system. The membrane thickness was 45 mil and had been on the building since its original construction. During the bidding process numerous roof system application systems were considered and two different application methods were chosen by the owner for the system of choice.

On the low roof sections, there were some flashing height concerns where the low roof met the high roof brick walls. Obviously the brick could not be removed or raised due to a structural beam being in place so the thickness of the new roof was considered. The ballast rock of the roof was vacuum removed off of the existing roof surface on all of the lower roofs and disposed of off site. Then the existing EPDM membrane was sliced and lifted so that the existing polyiso insulation could be inspected for wet or damaged polyiso. Anything that was found to be wet or damaged was removed and replaced with all new polyiso insulation. Once this step was complete, a new 1/2″ EPS fan fold cover board was fastened on top of the existing insulation to create a new smooth roof recover surface. All fastening was done to meet local wind up lift requirements and the requirements of the manufacturer. In some area, new tapered crickets had to be installed to create better drainage as well.

Once the new recovery board was fastened in place, a new Carlisle 60 mil white TPO membrane was installed. The membrane was laid out with 8 foot wide sheets fastened 12″ on center. The roof was a mechanically fastened roof system to the structural metal decking. All parapet walls were fully wrapped in membrane and new gravel stop metal fascia edge was installed in place to match the existing look of the building. After the membrane work was completed, Carlisle walk pad was installed on the HVAC service side of the units.

When it came to the upper roof, some different features were desired. The upper roof had the same existing ballasted Carlisle 45 mil EPDM roof in place and it was a key notion that the owner did not want screws penetrating the metal roof deck in the area of the high roof due to several reasons. To avoid using any fasteners through the metal deck, a fully adhered roof system in both the polyiso insulation and the membrane was chosen.

Re-roofing of the upper roof was first started off by once again vacuum removing the existing ballast river rock off of the surface. On this section, all of the existing EPDM membrane and polyiso was fully removed from the roof down to the steel decking. All of this existing roof material was disposed of properly in dumpsters. Once the metal decking was fully cleared, Peach State Roofing installed all new 3.5″ polyiso roof insulation to meet building code requirements of R-20 on this roof area. Instead of using roof fasteners on the polyiso, low rise foam adhesive was used to adhere the polyiso directly to the metal decking. After all of the insulation was in place each day adhered to the steel, the Carlisle 60 mil white TPO membrane was installed over the polyiso. The TPO was fully adhered using standard solvent based bonding adhesive. Once again, all parapet walls were fully wrapped in TPO and new edge metal installed. On the upper roof, new tapered drain sumps were installed as well.

After all work was completed on site, all materials and debris were downloaded and the roof levels and ground were cleaned properly. A Carlisle 20 year manufacturer’s warranty is provided with this roof system as well as a Peach State contractor’s warranty.

After full review of the site and construction, the project was considered a great success which will provide the building owner with a water-tight building from the roof system for many years to come.