Project Profile: Bluewater Studios (Clearwater Florida)

Job Size: 20,200 square feet

Industry – Television Production Studio

Existing Roof System – JP Stevens membrane (badly deteriorated)

Roof System Solution – 1/2″ EPS Fan Fold and Carlisle 60mil TPO recover application.

Project Management Contact – Steve Bockler (PSR Palmetto Florida office)

The customer at Bluewater Studios was experiencing excessive leaking in multiple locations as the roof system on this building was in a state of advance weathering. The replacement of the roof system was put off several years due to the scheduling requirements of the busy TV studios being directly below the problem roof area. By working closely with Bluewaters’s Studios personnel, Peach State Roofing was able to work around the studios needs by scheduling the roof load early in the morning.

The installation criteria for this wind zone area required a mechanically attached roof system to meet all the proper fastening rates for codes. Every day of work, noise concerns with the physical installation of the mechanically attached roof system, made the project management watch over everything very closely. Peach State Roofing and Bluewater personnel worked closely to make sure that the roof installation procedure had minimal impact on the production of the filming below.

While working on the early stages of the re-roofing, PSR’s site superintendent uncovered a 10 ft by 40 ft section of bad wood decking in the structural system. The wood decking had the be fully removed and replaced with all new materials prior to the new Carlisle roof system being installed. This was done once again to not impact the studio’s schedule nor PSR’s schedule.

Once the roof system was prepared each day, the EPS fan fold cover board was installed over the existing roof and fastened down. The Carlisle 60 mil TPO was then installed and fastened down as well. All manufacturer’s details were completed properly. The installation of this full roof system was completed in under 10 working days from the day of loading materials to closing up the project metal.

The final metal details done on the building were full metal gutter replacement along with new metal downspouts.

Overall, the re-roofing project went extremely well and delivered the customer a finished Carlisle roofing project that is fully warranted.