Project Profile: Village Palms Apartments (Orlando, Florida)

This past year Peach State Roofing’s Orlando FL office (Debary, FL) was contracted to provide a re-roofing solution to an existing apartment complex building. The property was known as Village Palms Apartments in Orlando, FL and it consisted of a series of buildings that were two story structures with a mansard around the perimeter of the roofing areas.

The entire project was 180,000 square feet of low slope roof surface and the apartment in general was just purchased by the building owner. Upon closing on the building, the owner was aware that the roofs on these building were in need of replacement. Through a series of scope reviews, pricing options and conference calls, Peach State Roofing was selected as the roofing contractor of choice to go with the proper roof system to meet the local Florida outdoor conditions.

The existing roof was a built-up roof system with gravel in the built-up asphalt. It had actually been coated over with some form of industrial roof coating which did not provide any solutions as well. One of the main concerns the building owner had on this project was that Peach State Roofing pay special attention to the apartment complex tenants as this was a high traffic complex. Daily activity on the ground by people was very common and personal vehicles were always parked around the complex/buildings. The worry of damage to vehicles as well as normal human foot traffic was a key area that PSR management sought to address prior to starting.

One difficulty that came up in the process of installing the new single ply roof system was that a great deal of damaged decking had to be replaced due to deterioration from severe past leak areas.

The roof system that was contracted was a Carlisle 60 mil white Energy Star rated TPO membrane. A 1.5″ polyiso cover board was first installed over the existing roof system to provide a prepared roof surface. This was mechanically fastened to the plywood deck structure to meet local Florida wind uplift requirements. Once the polyiso cover board was in place, the new Carlisle 60 mil TPO was laid out and mechanically fastened to the plywood deck structure. New metal edge was fabricated to secure the membrane around the perimeter as well as new steel gutters and downspouts. All roofing details were done to meet the manufacturer’s requirements for warranty and once the roof was complete, a 20 year No Dollar Limit Labor and Material warranty was granted on the project by Carlisle.

Peach State Roofing completed this successful re-roofing project for a large equity fund company that was not based in the state of Florida. The customer was happy with the specifications of scope provided by Peach State Roofing and the professional approach to delivering the owner a quality job in the time agreed upon. After this project was 100% closed out, PSR was contracted to perform further services with this pleased customer.