Project Profile : Pleasantdale Manufacturing Building

Project Profile : Pleasantdale Manufacturing Building

Recently Peach State Roofing completed a successful roofing project at a large manufacturing type building in Atlanta, GA. This building was a property in which Peach State had re-roofed previous sections on in years prior.

The existing roofing system had two systems in place which meant that some form of a tear off needed to take place. The top layer of roof was a mechanically attached EPDM membrane over a ½” wood fiberboard. The bottom layer of roof was a built up roof system over perlite insulation on top of a light weight concrete deck with a metal pan. Over the previous years, Peach State Roofing worked with ownership on many roofing options. With budget being a key factor in the job along with the size of the roof, it was decided to complete a partial tear off of the existing roof system.

Peach State Roofing started each day by tearing off the top layer of EPDM and wood fiberboard and disposing properly off site. The original built up roof (BUR) layer was left in place. Once the original surface was prepared and cleaned, roofing crews installed a 1.5” polyiso roof insulation board over the BUR. This polyiso board was mechanically fastened through the lightweight concrete into the metal deck pan. The minimum fastening pattern chosen by Peach State was 8 insulation fasteners per board. Fastening was increased in the perimeter and corners for additional wind uplift/deck fastening requirements.

Once the new polyiso cover board was fastened in place, new Johns Manville TPO membrane was installed. The sheets used were 8ft wide by 100ft long white TPO sheets and they were mechanically attached at 12” on center. Each TPO sheet was heat welded to the next sheet to create a continuous membrane system.

Some standard details on the roof were skylights which needed to be properly flashed along with vents throughout the roof surface. All penetrations were properly wrapped in membrane to meet Johns Manville’s requirements. One key installation feature which Peach State Roofing completed to help the owner with issues they had was to install large fully tapered polyiso roof insulation sumps at the drains. Peach State cut all new tapered insulation pieces to create 16 ft by 16 ft drain sumps at all drains. Ponding water was a prominent issue on the roof and the new large drain sumps made a big difference on the roof surface.

The project was pretty straight forward according to Peach State project managers but when asked what the most difficult part of the project, the census was the removal and disposal of all the roof tear off while dealing with a functioning manufacturing facility. There was a lot of trucks coming and going through out the facility along with forklifts and a lot of employee personnel on the ground. Peach State Roofing provided safety flagging and spotters on the ground any time of debris removal. The roofing crews also used an extendable forklift lull with a trash box to properly lower any tear off to the ground safely and stay away from the operations of the manufacturing plant.

At the end of the project, the job site was reviewed by PSR project management, a city inspector to close the roofing permit, as well as onsite facility management. The project was a huge success for the owner and created a long term roofing solution for the commercial building owner.  All of the project goals were met by the contractor and owner and a new Johns Manville 20 year “No Dollar Limit” labor and material warranty was granted.

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