Ways To Keep a White Roof Clean During Construction

With bright white TPO and PVC roof’s being the main commercial roofing product installed on commercial real estate buildings today, aesthetics of the roof system have become more and more important to some owners. All though the ‘cleanliness’ or ‘ dirtyness’ of a roof system doesn’t have to do with the waterproofing capabilities of the roof, some property owners like to have a nice white roof at the end of a construction project. Several project managers for Peach State Roofing explain it that if a new roof system looks nice and neat then it is just one of a few ways to tell the system itself was installed in a strong fashion.

So, what are a few ways that quality contractor’s like Peach State Roofing take to ensure that a new white TPO or PVC roof system stays clean during construction to give the owner a nice white roof system? Below are three tactics used during construction that can help deliver a clean roof membrane at the end of the project.

  1. Change shoes – Some crews will wear one pair of work shoes in the morning during removal of the existing roof system and then actually change into a new clean pair of shoes once the roof membrane starts getting unrolled. This helps keep from dirty foot prints being tracked all over the new membrane.
  2. Sacrificial membrane and plastic – By laying out plastic sheeting on newly installed sections of roofing, the plastic can protect the membrane from natural construction dust and also foot prints. Have scrap membrane to wipe feet off on around the entire work area are also of great use. Any time someone walks on to a new section of roofing, crews should wipe their feet on something near by just to help further from tracking on more dirt.
  3. Squeegee – In the mornings, roofs are covered in a nice layer of wet dew. By taking a soft squeegee each morning and running over the previous days sections of work, little by little it will remove surface dust keeping the roof surface clean.

At the end of the day, no roof system will ever be perfectly bright white as the day it was rolled off the shelf but through proper precautions and tactics, quality contractors can deliver an above average commercial roof installation. For questions concerning an upcoming potential re-roofing project or a project which has already been installed but might need an inspection, contact one of our locally managed offices around the United States.