02.05.2018 /

Peach State Roofing Inc, a national commercial roofing contractor head-quartered out of Lawrenceville, Georgia is seeking applicants for the position of Marketing Administrator in its Sales and Marketing Department. This position is to be filled at our corporate office location. This position is responsible for planning and execution of direct mail and email marketing campaigns […]

01.29.2018 /
Project Profile: CAM International – Nashville TN

Project: CAM International Location: Nashville, TN Peach State Roofing’s office recently completed a re-roofing project, located just off I-24 in Nashville, TN. This project came to fruition after working with the building’s owner for over a year, servicing their leaks and trying to prolong the inevitable and costly roof replacement. The re-roof project consisted of […]

01.18.2018 /
Performing a Water Test

Lets face it, dealing with water leaks of any source can be stressful and hard to deal with, especially when it comes to roofing! Commercial roofs are obviously a sensitive topic of discussion for all building owners because if the roof is leaking, the problems are often noticed and felt! With many facilities, roof leaks […]

01.16.2018 /
Project Profile: Rock Hill Medical Park

Project Profile: Rock Hill Medical Park Location: Rock Hill, South Carolina   Peach State Roofing’s Rock Hill, SC office recently completed a commercial re-roofing project on the Rock Hill Medical Park in South Carolina. This was a project that had been in the works for about 3 years with Peach State Roofing as the building […]

01.03.2018 /
Roof Coating Project Highlight : Crossroads Church

In 2016, Peach State Roofing was contracted to complete a commercial roof coating system over an existing structural metal panel roof system. When looking at the building for a commercial roof application that would solve this buildings leak issues, many different solutions were presented to the owner. The project was for Crossroads Church in Newnan, […]

11.18.2017 /
Recycling Metal from Roofing Projects

It has been common practice for Peach State Roofing Inc over the course of many years to participate and promote recycling among all of its 15 nationally located branches when it comes to metal products and existing materials from construction sites. Many times during the course of a re-roofing project, the existing sheet metal from […]

10.30.2017 /
Five Important Safety Items for a Roofing Job Site

In today’s world and any construction site, contractors can never be too safe. Not only is it important for the workers themselves to be safe so that they may return home each day, but safety is also important for the general public and those on the job sites being worked on. As society as a […]

09.12.2017 /
Why NOT to get a ‘Single-Source’ Warranty

Every now and then contractors try to offer a ‘Single Source’ warranty. In other words, they offer a warranty where they are solely the full supplier and backer of the roofing system installed. Rather than following a roofing industry standard of having a “third party” roofing manufacturer’s warranty, some contractors promote only a document with […]

09.05.2017 /
EPDM Tid Bits

Specifically known as ethylene propylene diene monomer, EPDM, has been and still is to this day a major commercial roofing product in the real estate industry for keeping buildings dry. It has been a dominate membrane in the single ply market around the country for many years and although TPO and its white reflective surface […]

08.31.2017 /
Bidding a Roofing Project with Multiple Manufacturers Specified

Commercial real estate building owners usually find it advantageous to open up their roof bidding process to accept multiple roofing manufacturers. Not only does this allow them to possibly open themselves up to using more qualified and professional roofing contractors in a bidding process but it usually brings a few other things to consider to […]

08.18.2017 /
Five Common Leak Sources NOT Associated With The Roof

It all starts with seeing a small drip of water or a stained ceiling tile. The little nuisance that a roof leak is to a building owner always is cause for concern to get addressed and repaired before it ever turns into a larger major problem. Many times a real estate building owner will call […]

08.10.2017 /
Peach State Roofing Featured in Vol. 8 / Issue 4 of ROOFING MAGAZINE!

In this past month’s issue of ROOFING MAGAZINE, Peach State Roofing was proudly honored to be included in one of the top publications for the commercial roofing industry. The featured project was a large outdoor mall for Simon Property Group -Gaffney Premium Outlets.  Three of the five buildings in the complex were re-roofed by Peach […]